Nicoli and Fé Unveil a Fusion of Elegance and Cultural Chic in Exclusive Collaboration

Luxury fashion label Nicoli proudly unveils a transformative collaboration with Fé, the dynamic brand founded by visionary designer Fatma Al Mulla
. This groundbreaking partnership not only signifies the fusion of classic sophistication and vibrant cultural expression but also represents a powerful alliance of home grown brands with a shared commitment to elevate the fashion

Established in 2012, Fé has garnered acclaim for its conceptual exploration of Arab culture through graphic illustrations and cutting edge fashion design. The design process behind the
Nicoli x Fé collection is described as a beautiful fusion of Nicoli’s classic glamour and Fé's contemporary cultural expression. Expect to see diamanté embellishments that add sparkle to
footwear and handbags, along with signature graphic details paying homage to the brand's roots.
In an exclusive interview, Fatma Al Mulla shared insights into the inspirations and aspirations behind the Nicoli x Fé collaboration: When asked about the inspiration drawn from the Nicoli brand for the exclusive collection,

Fatma Al Mulla stated, "I love everything about Nicoli, I love how they are a homegrown brand like myself and how they have established a beautiful presence through their products. The products are more like artwork, which is what attracted me to their products years ago."
"I think it's important to support each other, and I loved that they wanted to collaborate with me, as we both share similar aesthetics. However, it's very important because as brands that are established here in the UAE, I believe we have so much to offer to the rest of the world, and by collaborating, we can attract a much bigger audience." Fatma Al Mulla emphasized.
A significant aspect of the Nicoli x Fé collaboration is the profound connection between the loveof crystals.


Fatma Al Mulla elaborates, "Aesthetics to me are everything, and with Nicoli, their products are well designed having different kinds of people in mind. Nicoli has subtle as well as over the top pieces, which is similar to FÉ, and we understand the need to make a person look and feel good while wearing our product." The shared appreciation for aesthetics and a commitment to making individuals feel confident in their attire form the foundation of this collaborative collection. By combining the love of crystals and a dedication to diverse and well designed fashion, Nicolo x Fé promises a unique and empowering experience for fashion enthusiasts worldwide.